The crystalline light was spell-binding. It was the only light in my pitch-black world. I ran to pick the crystal up, and my arms jerked backwards. I fell to the ground, dazed. Holding my wrists up to the light coming from the crystal, I saw the shackles and chains that were holding me back. The crystal was floating in the air, maybe ten feet away. Bobbing up and down, it seemed to taunt me, just out of my reach. I stood up and stared at it. The allure was tauntingly irresistible. I ran at it, and strained at the hard chains that held me. The spell-binding crystal just floated in the darkness, unaffected, oblivious.

I hated being so helpless. I lunged again and again. I screamed and started punching the air as hard as I possibly could, putting every ounce of my fury into each strike. My bindings tore against my arms. Blood started to drip from my wrists. I kept trying to force through my chains. I kept charging, my fury unabated. My body tired, but my mind kept trying to fight my chains. My attempts for the crystal weakened and slowed, which frustrated my mind even more.

Blood flowed from my arms and stained my dirty, white t-shirt. I fell on my back from exhaustion and the weight of my chains. I cried, and my tears mixed with the blood on the floor. The world started to blur, and it started to seem less like reality. My head started aching, as did the rest of my body. The pool of blood and tears around me continually grew. My breathing started to slow, and my vision faded into oblivion.