The numbers stream across the monitor, more readable to my eyes than any verbal or written language. This is the ultimate language that crosses every language barrier, something anyone who knew binary could read. All you need is the knowledge of the number one and the number zero, and the ability to read the infinite possibilities of logic. Yet I see not binary, but the objects encoded by it. The trees, mountains, floating rivers, islands, armor, swords, food, buildings, dragons, monsters, volcanoes, caves, even the players and their thoughts are mine to read in ones and zeroes. Who in hell needs magic, when it is right at your fingertips in numbers?

June 10, 2022. Technology and magic are no longer so far apart. What is magic? The ability to create, destroy, and manipulate beyond the laws of physics. I have surpassed it all. I have read the unlimited possibilities of logic, computers and the human brain. Virtual Reality is no longer fiction, but pure science thanks to my work. A medical-grade helmet with the ability to read, translate, and return brainwaves directly into our central nervous system has been created, allowing us to think, see, hear, feel, taste and touch a fantastical world of my own creation. I call it the NerveGear, and the limits of its abilities are about to be tested. The first VRMMORPG will be released tomorrow, and 10,000 lucky players will enter the world I have created, Sword Art Online.

I am the sole person alive who comprehends this code fully and completely. It is my whole being; my life’s work. I have taken it much further, but that is not for me to reveal now. Tomorrow is its release, the dawn of a glorious new age in which humanity is no longer bound by temporary reality, but free to explore the boundless limits of the mind. I am merely the doorman, ushering in the players who will experience firsthand the wonders of magic in technology. My game will be like no other history has ever seen. I alone know how totally I am in control, and to what lengths I have ensured my world will become reality. The full version of the game has no logout option. The player’s entire psyche will be wired to the game, and without logout it will be sealed there. The NerveGear is a powerful device. To create another reality, I have installed the ultimate precaution: death. The player who dies in the game has their brain melted by the NerveGear. Sword Art Online is not merely a video game. It is a life and death, living and breathing reality for the 10,000 players who log in. You may complete the nigh on impossible game or die trying. Live on in the metaphysical Sword Art Online for the remainder of your life, or die trying to fight your way out. The choice is yours. Link Start.

–Kayaba Akihiko