Nihilism: the belief that there is no such thing as morality and that life has no meaning. To me, this means that all of life, this swirling sphere of water and land, even this universe as a whole was all an accident. You and I, sentient beings with hopes, dreams, desires, emotions, instincts and more nothing but relatively intelligent, self-aware animals that have been trapped by our own insignificance. Every thought, expression, word and mark on a page is all for naught. We came from nothing and have nowhere to go. Progress is pointless, because eventually the human race will die out one way or another, and nothing we have done will ever matter.

Hazel Grace once said something similar, that “Maybe there is no point to it all,” to which Augustus Waters responded: “I can’t accept that” (John Green, The Fault In Our Stars). I’m on Augustus’s side. Maybe nihilists are right, all this was an accident and there is absolutely no point to the human race and the rest of life on earth, but I just cannot accept that. There has to be a point to it. Because people have emotions, souls and lives, just because we exist in the first place; I have to believe that there is some point to it all. I couldn’t tell you for certain what that point is, I’m not sure anybody could, but to believe there is no point to anything is to have given up on life while you still have a pulse. I can’t accept nihilism, if for no other reason than that it would be too depressing to believe. I don’t subscribe to the notion that because there is no meaning we have to make our own; I believe that at some level there is a true purpose and that there is some order in the chaos. Life is a miracle, never give up on it. Personally, I will cling to the idea that there is meaning and live on in hopes that I wasn’t wrong, because the alternative is far worse than wasting my life. The alternative is that my life meant nothing in the first place.