I just realized this: okay so you know how when Kaneki is being tortured by Jason, his whole transformation into a ghoul comes when he decides to choose himself over others for once and say that he wished his mother had chosen him over his aunt? To finally let someone else suffer so he didn’t have to, rather than the other way around. That’s the reason Kaneki resisted eating so much, doing so would have put satiating his hunger before the life of another human being, which went against everything he had stood for before the scene with Jason, where he realized that a lack of decision is sometimes worse than choosing from two equally horrible options, such as who he should save given he could only save one. He was forced to say that his life was more valuable than others so he could to survive, which is what turns him into a ghoul, someone with the ability to put their own lives before others, which is what the anime is arguing a monster is.