Inhale fire exhale desire, my time is dire/short my time today. We will fight or we will fall until the angels save us all. Death, time, and love. Equivalent exchange. Ever minute is golden. Rigid schedules are brutally efficient but allow the allocation of time and soul. ————–? Fleeting kisses are sweeter than plentiful ones, cuddling is just as intimate. A breakup that improved the lives of both, then a relationship of rigid times and not-so-controlled chaos. The future doesn’t exist, only this moment. Life for today with only tomorrow in mind. Nothing can restrict me, I am free to soar with Icarus, and it will be snow not sea that greets me. Run, run, as fast as you can, keep moving forward. Do your vulnerable best and no one can fault you for it. The only regrets in life are the risks you didn’t take. Learn to fly and if you can’t then you just freefall. An open mind can be paradoxical, but keep one. Never write someone off. Every person has a story within ideology that led them to that specific moment, as do you. Crossing paths is an occurrence full of platinum/diamond minutes. We are alone in our fundamental isolation, sympathy and imagination is the only rickety bridge. Let your mind romp like the mind of God. Gatsby isn’t dead. The rock of the world rests securely on a fairy’s wing. Money is power, power is force, but remember money is nothing more than value. It is useless in a fight, useless outside of your own society. You cant by water or strength with imaginary numbers on another planet.


*”Inhale fire exhale desire,” “We will fight or we will fall until the angels save us all,” and “Learn to fly and if you can’t then you just freefall” are song lyrics written by Twenty One Pilots, Hollywood Undead, and Florida Georgia Line, respectively