I only have a minute, and it’s the final portfolio piece of the year. I just want to say how much I enjoyed this class and these portfolio days, especially in a year as crazy as this one. Maybe its cliché, maybe some of you will do pieces just like this one. Oh well. AP Literature was fun, and I’m glad I took it this year. I’ll miss discussing all the books we read; books that I will hopefully get to read again: Gatsby, with some of the most beautiful, intricate writing I’ve ever seen, all balanced on a fairy’s wing; Their Eyes Were Watching God, with one of the best romances and protagonists I’ve ever read; Frankenstein, with an incredible example of an uncanny doppleganger; Macbeth, with its take on the effects of extreme guilt; Crying Lot, with its proposition on communication argued in THE most bizarre fashion I have ever seen, and Crime and Punishment with its thesis on the Ubermensch and the nature of power over life and death that was one of the most fascinating theories I have ever seen. I thank you for enriching these books for me, and for Mr. —— for teaching them all to us. This class has imbued a life into these works of classic lit that I would have never seen without. I will miss this very much now that it is over, but nevertheless thank you for experiencing it all with me.


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