As high school ends and the friends I’ve made all prepare to go their separate ways, I have never been more aware of how I spend what minutes I have left with them. I have never been more aware of the end. Every hour I spend with one person is one I could have spent with another, or could have spent playing basketball or working on homework. The vitality of an individual is in where they choose to spend these precious minutes. I’ve realized that this is only a microcosm. This is how Life works, how Death operates. Every minute, every moment spent with someone is worth all the other moments you gave up to be with them. This is the power of mere presence, the opportunity cost our lifeblood, the seconds that tick through our veins. Death is the ultimate source of Life. Without Death, the limitlessness of time would render every minute worthless. It would rob time of its opportunity value. You don’t get to choose if or when your time runs out, but you sure as hell get to choose who you count down your days with.